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5 Qualities to Look for in a Graphic Designer

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful graphic designer? Surprisingly, it’s not all about talent. There are characteristics, qualities and mindsets that are vital in order to make it in the design industry.

qualities of a graphic designerExtremely Observant

Great graphic designers will notice every little detail that most people will overlook. This detail-oriented mindset comes in handy when learning the ins and outs of a product or business. In order to know your audience and connect with them, graphic designers need to know as much about your business as they can.

Great Listener

This is such an important quality in great graphic designers because listening enables us to learn about your product or business. Before we go ahead and tell you what you need, we need to sit down and really listen to what matters to you and your audience.

Not only are graphic designers great listeners, but we ask questions. You remember when your little brother used to ask “Why?” after every single statement? That’s kind of how graphic designers are when it comes to learning about your business or product.

Solution Finder

Graphic design is about realizing there is a problem and finding a solution. What good is being observant and a great listener if we can’t turn that into a solution? It’s all about helping people. A great graphic designer will sit with you, learn about your needs, and help you find a solution.

qualities of a graphic designerAwesome Communicator

Remember that solution we were looking for? Without communication, that solution wouldn’t be a solution. The best graphic designers have a special knack for taking a great idea and executing. More often than not, graphic designers will be collaborating with other professionals where communication is a must. In order to bring a concept to life, graphic designers need to be awesome communicators.

Willing to Learn

No one knows everything. And if someone says that they do, they’re lying. Learning is a staple to any graphic designer’s character. Each and every day is a learning opportunity. Whether it’s brushing up on the latest technology, connecting with the creative community, or learning the ins and outs of a business or product, graphic designers are always learning.

Anybody can say that they are a graphic designer because they make things look pretty but not every graphic designer has what it takes to listen and generate solutions.

Did I miss any qualities? If so, let me know in the comments!

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