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6 Principles of Graphic Design (Infographic)

I have to be honest, this brought me back to Design 101 as a freshman in college.

There are 6 principles of design that are at the foundation of every design project. Whether we’re working on a website design or sketching a new logo design for a client, these principles are at the core of every single project. Have a look at the infographic (put together by FOLO) below:

6 Principles of Design

  1. Unity / Harmony
  2. Balance
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Scale / Proportion
  5. Dominance / Emphasis
  6. Similarity & Contrast

The Infographic

The 6 Design Principals

When designing anything, these 6 principles of design are always at work. Depending on how they are applied determines how successful a design is going to be.


Source: FOLO

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