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Boost Your Brand’s Image by Understanding Color Psychology

Choosing a color scheme for your business and overall brand is crucial.

One of the most important steps in the logo design process is to incorporate a color scheme.

Different colors evoke different emotions – be intentional about the colors that you choose to represent your brand.

Once your colors have been chosen and applied to your logo – be consistent! Your designer should supply you with a style guide for your brand that will contain all of the colors you should be using.

After looking at the infographic below (put together by Bags & Bows) it’s clear that visual factors play a huge part in the daily interaction between your brand and your audience.

The Infographic



Your color scheme reveals a lot about your business within a few seconds.

Are you instilling trust into your audience through the consistent use of your color scheme? 
Your color scheme should reflect the values and personality that your brand stands for.

Do you have questions about the color scheme for your business? Contact me today!

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