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Fideleos, It’s Time

Fideleos is a value driven office technology consulting firm that helps clients align their data, documents and technology to add bottom line value to their business and workflow process.


The owners of this startup company came to me looking for a name, tagline and logo to lay the foundation for their brand identity. Going off of the design brief, our initial conversation and an overview of what their business does, I was handed the task of building this brand from the ground up.


The Name

The first deliverable was a name. Knowing that the company provided valuable insight into document technology and data processing to businesses, they needed their brand identity to instill trust. Everything from the name to the logomark had to empower both potential and existing clients. After hours of mind mapping and brainstorming, I presented the client with about 10 solid names that could work.

We were able to take Fides (the Greek goddess of trust) and tweak that into it’s own word, Fideleos. Right away, we knew we had a winner with the way it rolled off of the tongue.

Fides represented public trust. Her temple was built on the Capitol, where the Roman Senate signed treaties and documents. Fides was supposed to make sure that people could have faith in the signers and that the signers could have faith in each other.


The Logo and Tagline

Once the name was settled upon, it was time to start doing some major research, brainstorming and sketching. The chosen concept was one that introduced the shield and a quill to really emphasize the entire story of Fides behind the brand. The tagline was developed to give business owners / decision makers the extra push that they need to go ahead and make a change that may have never happened if it wasn’t for Fideleos.



Business Cards


Color Codes

After each and every logo design project, the client is provided with a list of all the colors that were used in their new brand identity. This serves as a guide for the future if they ever need to reference a certain color. Consistency is key when it comes to your brand identity!


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