Graphic and Website Designer

Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse

Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse is a startup smokehouse in Glastonbury, CT that I’ve been working with over the past few months. The owner contacted me before the proposed opening in need of some creative direction for the project. From start to finish, I was able to equip Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse with a logo, menu design, professional photography, a Facebook profile and a website.

By building the foundation of the Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse brand, it adds instant integrity to their startup restaurant.


Logo Design

The project started with a relevant, simple and versatile logo that could be used throughout the entire restaurant. The texture that was applied to the logo and the lines that surround the logo immediately give off a BBQ feeling. The tagline Simple, Southern + Savory was created to be used in some logo mocks to give people an idea of what Gideon’s is about.



Menu Design

Once the logo was created, we moved onto the menu design. The menus were printed on 17 lb. paper for people to take home in order to make a great first impression and introduce the brand.



Website Design

With a logo, menu and restaurant now in place, it was time to design and develop a website. We created a website that is user friendly, professional and versatile. It allows current and potential customers to read about what Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse is all about and check out the amazing food.



Professional Photography

In order to make the website as authentic and close to the Gideon’s atmosphere as possible, we headed down to the restaurant to take some pictures. While there, we shot the food as it was coming out of the smoker, families having a great time together and details of the restaurant. Authentic pictures are essential when building a website for any type of client. They give potential clients an idea of what the business is about and provide additional information that they may need.



Menu Board

The client made a 10′ x 2′ frame to hold a menu board above the counter. We broke that up into four parts and printed the menu on a luster board covered with vinyl. This would make it easier to reprint and swap out a section if there was ever a price change.



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