Graphic and Website Designer

Giovanni’s Bakery & Pastry Shop

Established in 1981, Giovanni’s Bakery & Pastry Shop has been providing the town of Newington, CT with mouth watering wedding cakes, specialty cakes, pastries and more.

Not too long ago, the owner of this successful bakery contacted me to develop and design a website presence that would set him apart from his competition and showcase their amazing work.


Website Design

Since they already had a logo, a well known name for themselves and amazing food that speaks for itself, the only thing left for them to do was build a presence online. Since food only tastes as good as it looks, it was imperative for the website to showcase their extensive portfolio. The owner didn’t want a ton of content on the website, but instead wanted to have their work do most of the talking.


Responsive Website Design

Realizing that the use of mobile phones and tablets has been on the rise year after year, we needed to make sure that the website was viewed consistently and correctly from any screen size. We were able to make the website responsive so that from a desktop to a mobile phone and everything in between displays the website the way it should be.

With so many brides and moms doing their research on their mobile devices, we needed a way to cater directly to them. Responsive website design was the answer.


Social Media

The bakery had been doing a great job utilizing Instagram as a platform for them to post pictures of their work daily. All we needed to do was take what they’ve been doing so good and place it on a website that they could call their own. Now, the bakery uses their leverage on Instagram in addition with their own custom designed website.


Professional Photography

Included with every website design package is a half hour photoshoot. The client can either use that time to take pictures of their business, their products or professional head shots.


We decided that the best way to utilize this service would be to take professional, high quality photographs of their products that their Instagram photos just couldn’t offer. We were able to set up a scene that was consistent from photograph to photograph for their Signature Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes and Pastries.

Now Giovanni’s Bakery & Pastry Shop has a custom designed website of their own that they can continue to build upon and strengthen the overall feel of their brand. Have a look at their website and let me know what you think!

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