Graphic and Website Designer

Great Graphic Design Saves Time

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with a client that organizes and executes destination weddings called Worldwide Group Travel.

They came to me looking for a Wedding Itinerary & Program that could be used to keep the wedding party and guests in the loop when it came to the flow and schedule of the entire weekend.




Instead of just using a single sheet of paper, I broke the itinerary out into logical sections that could work as a trifold brochure. This one piece contained a picture of the couple, destination of their wedding, the wedding party attendees, the flow of the entire weekend and a full-spread thank you note from the bride and groom to their family.



By making the design elegant and complimentary to their wedding colors, WWGT could hand these out to all of the guests and it would feel like it fit in while answering many questions at the same time.

Great graphic design always ends up saving you time if it’s done right!


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