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How To Create Brand Recognition (Infographic)

Creating brand recognition for your small business doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Too many business owners fall into the trap of believing that their business doesn’t need to invest in the building of their brand. The infographic below (put together by Cooper House – an Oklahoma-based design firm) shows what every business owner needs to keep in mind when creating brand recognition.

Key Takeaways

  • Your brand isn’t your logo.
  • Your logo is the cornerstone of your overall brand.
  • There are tons of touch points for every brand:
    • Fonts, colors, social media and more
  • Ask your designer to create your brand style guide.
  • Identify your audience and build a strategy that will allow you to connect with them.
  • Connections are a crucial part of building your brand.
  • Customers respond to brands and businesses that invest in consistent promotion.
  • Clarity and consistency is key.

The Infographic


Creating a clear and consistent image for your small business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Don’t compromise the image of your brand with poor execution.


Source: CooperHouse

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