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Some Dunkin’ Donuts Fans Don’t Like Change

I’m sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts working on a proposal when a customer walks up to the counter.

The Conversation

DD Employee: “Hi, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Well I would say a number one but it’s not up there anymore.”

DD Employee: “Yeah…”

(10 second pause while customer looks at menu)

Customer: “Umm…let me have a medium regular hot coffee and two jelly donuts.”

The order was delivered and in the end the customer was happy, but Dunkin’ Donuts needs to communicate better.


See, if you’re like me, you walk into Dunkin’ Donuts, notice the new menu design, and get excited!


But if you’re like this customer, who clearly didn’t care that the menu looked much better than before, then you’re going to take this change like a punch to the face.

You’re used to ordering that #1.

You’re used to not even having to look at the menu.

You’re used to not thinking.

It’s not a bad thing, you just like what you like and why reinvent the wheel?

Think About Your Audience

I don’t know if the DD Employee was trained to know what to say when someone mentions their new menu design…but it definitely didn’t feel like it as an observer.

Next time you roll out a new design in your business, even if it looks great and is a much better solution, always remember the customer that might not like change.

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