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Thinking of a Rebrand?

With all the hustle and bustle, the need for simplicity is paramount. The three areas below should be at the top of mind when a rebrand is considered.

1. Flat Design Works

Flat designs are in keeping with the move toward simplicity. Rather than engaging viewers in flashy animations and illustrations, the flat design gives a classic digital feel to design. The response from consumers has been overwhelmingly high and puts flat design at the top of 2015 trends.

Flat designs are two dimensional, use bright colors, crisp edges, and implement a clean design approach. The proverbial cliché of ‘less is more’ plays a big part in flat design. Consumers are reverting to simplicity, and as a designer, you must follow the trend. Stay away from complicated designs and give them a simple design that makes websites easy to read and easy to use.

2. Wordmarks vs. Symbols

Wordmarks use specific typefaces to brand the company, product, or an individual. The style of the typeface, along with the color(s), become an easily recognized logo. Designers who desire to stay on the cutting edge of trends will need to get very creative, while keeping logos clean and simple.

When should a wordmark be chosen, instead of a symbol? In essence, wordmarks are chosen to create name recognition.

Symbols work well for those with long names, numerous subsidies or affiliates, or those with products requiring an emblem.

3. Remove the Unnecessary

All the while consumers are asking for simplicity, they continue to cling to comfort of the known. They say they want change, but in reality, it is a risky fine line company’s walk when rebranding. As the designer, you are faced with the challenge of creating an updated, more relevant design that remains easily recognized. In this respect, you cannot approach the task as you would with an unknown or lesser known brand.

The trend toward simplicity translates to removing unnecessary elements from the design. Hershey’s recently removed the apostrophe from their logo. While this may seem like a minimalistic change, in reality it was a major shift for consumers devoted to the brand for decades.

Iconic brands are often cultural symbols which invoke a sense of identity and self-expression in the consumer. The change resistant consumer must be considered when rebranding well-known brands. One option is to introduce a series of small changes over a period of several months, rather than making one major change.

Have you been thinking about a rebrand for your company? Whether it’s your logo, website, or both, it’s always best to speak with a graphic designer first.

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